One of the flash game master piece in the field. The game is a side-scrolling shooter, created by tonowi. In the game you start with 1000CP (Custom Points), the Fang armor and the Voice weapon. The game consist of 21 missions.

The game can be found here

Mission ListEdit

No.1 初陣

No.2 敵部隊迎擊

No.3 疾走

No.4 侵攻阻止

No.5 猟兵

No.6 殲滅

No.7 重機動兵器擊破

No.8 三騎

No.9 二腳機動兵器擊破

No.10 天空の目

No.11 悪夢

No.12 タイムアタック

No.13 輸送コンテナ防衛

No.14 タイムアタック2

No.15 機密物資破壊阻止

No.16 輸送車護衛

No.17 防衛線死守

No.18 強行突破

No.19 D-U-E-L

No.20 闇

No.21 修羅

Weapon ListEdit

1. TMG-013S ANTARES (39000 CP)

2. TGG-024 TEARS (129000 CP)

3. GGX-035 MOMENT (1208000 CP)

4. TSG-001 RAIN (19000 CP)

5. TSR-022 HAWK-EYE (54000 CP)

6. TPC-020X PIERCE (280000 CP)

7. MSL-001 PHANTOM-TAILS (75000 CP)

8. GRB-013 BOUNDARY (89000 CP)

9. NGP-003 ECLIPSE (168000 CP)

10. TBZ-013 AGONY (280000 CP)

11. RGN-050C LONGINUS (35000000 CP)

12. PSR-X71 REQUIEM (28000000 CP)

13. BMR-250 DESIRE (1500000 CP)

14. BLD-S05 (120000 CP)

15. BLD-E14 Glanzen (320000 CP)

16. BLS-913 GENOS (560000 CP)

17. HMB-078 (1800000 CP)

Armor ListEdit

1. TAT-003 GALE (190000 CP)

2. TAT-015 JAVELIN (210000 CP)

3. SAT-070 HORIZON (528000 CP)

4. AST-265 CARDINAL (2650000 CP)

5. TAF-009 (10005900 CP)

6. TAT-001RF SILVER-FANG (350000000 CP)

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